We need more hygienists do do cleanings, sterilization, and x-rays. Even to help set up & take down! Volunteer registration is through the website. Thank you!

Julie M. Robinson, DDS, Community Chair
Alaska Mission of Mercy
29-30 April 2016 Dena’ina Center
(907) 244-4125

Here’s the registration form for the Alaska DHA Spring meeting to be held on 16 April 2016


State News

Due to the Charter Agreement with the ADHA,  all State constituents of the ADHA  must drop the word STATE from their names. Hence the Alaska State Dental Hygienist Association (ASDHA) will become the  Alaska Dental Hygienist Association. According to the by laws the Board needs to notify the general members 14 days before a vote and then we need to have 10% of the members vote. We will send out emails to all ASDHA members and have them vote on Survey Monkey site to approve of the name change. Then we have to notify the state of the name change on incorporation, then notify the IRS, and then Sandy Pelto President signs the charter agreement- Deadline for completing the name change is February 1st 2016. The new logo can be viewed at the top of this post.