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ASDHA Fall 2014 Newsletter

ASDHA Fall 2014 Newsletter

ADHA press release regarding Ebola.


General Membership input requested on Local Component

Dear ASDHA member,

As you may know, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association divides its members up into Constituents (i.e. each state organization) and Components (the local organizations). The ADHA is in the midst of drafting new guidelines for requirements for active components. Currently, Alaska is divided into seven local components, based on zip code. Until recently, only 3 of these components were active: Midnight Sun (Fairbanks area), Kenai Peninsula, and Cook Inlet (Anchorage and the Mat-Su). Currently both Kenai and Cook Inlet are in need of volunteers to fill leadership positions if they are to remain active components.

After discussion during the ASDHA board meeting on October 15, 2014, the executive board recommends that the general membership vote at November’s meeting to dissolve any inactive components, and consolidate zip codes into remaining active components. If a member is in an inactive component that gets dissolved, they may have their membership transferred to the nearest active component. Right now, the only active component is Midnight Sun. Ideally we would have at least two components, breaking up the state roughly into northern and southern sections: Midnight Sun and Cook Inlet. A component that gets dissolved now could be reactivated in the future if we see a need.

If you are in an inactive component, please consider stepping up to volunteer. To be considered “active,” a component must have at least three officers: a president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer. They should meet several times a year (either in person or via electronic media) and should organize/coordinate events that benefit local members: administering UAA/UAF student scholarships, organizing continuing ed classes, socials, community volunteer activities, etc.

The ASDHA Executive Board

Fall ASDHA Event Streaming News


We apologize for any inconvenience.

Alaska State Dental Hygienists’ Association
Fall CE/Business Meeting/Silent Auction
Friday November 7th & , Saturday November 8th, 2014
UAF MURIE 230, 982 Koyukuk Drive, Fairbanks AK 99709
CE Presenter: Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH

Fall CE & Business meeting information & registration form

Alaska State Dental Hygienists’ Association
Fall CE/Business Meeting/Silent Auction
Friday November 7th & , Saturday November 8th, 2014
UAF MURIE 230, 982 Koyukuk Drive, Fairbanks AK 99709
CE Presenter: Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH

Registration form & full course details can be found here (click on the link presented on the new page):


UAA Restorative Course

Anyone interested in expanding their Hygiene skills?  Registration is now open for the Dental Restorative Course @ UAA.  This is a  5 Credit  (September- May) course that meets 1-2 times a month for hands-on learning.

Most didactic work is completed online. Please contact Carrie Burton at UAA 786-6929 for additional information.

ASDHA Fall CE presents -Shirley Gutkowski: Perky Perio, The Missing Pieces Link, & Paper Persona

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH is an international speaker, writer, and practiced general dental hygienist. She is a graduate of Marquette University. Co‐author of The Purple Guide: Developing Your Clinical Dental Hygiene Career and publisher of The Purple Guide series of books for dental hygienists. She is the 2006‐07 President of the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association and CAREER fusion technology coach. She is also the 2008 Alumna of the Year award winner from Marquette University School of Health Science.

Perky Perio
Course Description
For the dental health care professional who’s still slightly interested in
learning more about periodontal disease and looking for exciting new
material and sure ways to present, treat and manage it.
It’s hard to believe that periodontal infections can create so much
trouble in the body. Come find out the hows and the whys. The
physiology of infections isn’t that complex. The hygienist with an eye
towards health is invited to this exciting scientific program.
Learning Objectives
• New and better disease detection
• Manage the infection using blood markers
• Find ways to communicate with your patients
• Treatment options you’ve just read about

Missing Pieces
The practice of dental hygiene has evolved over the last 100 years. Some of
the evolution was more like a devolution, and has hindered forward
movement in our profession. Some of the evolution has opened doors for
dental hygienists and has given many patients a pathway to health they
couldn’t have realized as they entered into the dental hygiene treatment
room of the 2010’s.
This course highlights what dental hygienists can be in their current treatment
room, if that’s where they’d like to stay or take their passion and education out
to other avenues.
1. Basic treatment protocols for:
o Sjögren’s syndrome
o Oncology patients
o Vector diseases like Lyme Disease
o Patients and Families with autism
o Sleep apnea
o Thyroid disease
o Periodontal disease as a confounding factor to
• Gout
• Arthritis
• Respiratory diseases
2. Alternatives to fluoride
3. Alternatives to radiographs
Course outcomes:
Assess protocols that will work for them in their practice
Find information to help build their own protocols
Illustrate how systemic conditions interfere with good oral health

Paper Persona:
Stand Out!
You have questions and we have answers!  Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, author of the bestselling book The Purple Guide: Paper Persona are here to help you ind ways to set yourself apart! In a world where dental hygienists outnumber employers nearly 3 to one, it makes economic sense to find your best foot and put it forward.
Organized by experience level, this course is for you whether you have just graduated or have been in the profession for decades.. Don’t sabotage your 20+ years of career experience by including 3rd semester student processes on your resume. Whatever your reason for finding—or creating—a job, this course will show how to make
your resume stand out, how to organize your materials to make them easy to find, and how
important a curriculum vitae is for every stage of your career. You will also learn how
optimize the use of a professional portfolio.
• Explain the difference between a CV and a resume,
• List 3 purposes for a portfolio,
• Be able to respond to different types of interview questions,
• Properly format a resume or CV,
• Prepare job search materials for a variety of employment settings,
• Utilize social networking for professional gain,
• Format electronic resumes

Crown Seating has donated a saddle chair for a drawing during Shirley Gutkowski’s course. Tickets will be $10 each and 3 tickets for $25. Tickets will be on sale during Ms. Gutkowski’s Stand Out course, as well as Missing Pieces and Perky Perio. 25% of the collected funds will go to International Health Outreach, Ms. Gutkowski’s mission project the rest will go to the Alaska Dental Hygienists’ Association. To learn more about ergonomic seating listen in to Shirley Gutkowski’s interview with seating expert Cindy Purdy on Cross Link Radio.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Two new Links added – one from Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS -  Tobacco Cessation Resources for Patients and Professionals new for 2014 and another to the Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line which also has resources for healthcare professionals in Alaska & Alaska specific tobacco cessation efforts

New Bylaws

Download: ASDHA bylaws